Our equine vets spend an enormous amount of time travelling around the busy Kent roads to see your horses, ponies and donkeys. With fuel prices ever rising, the cost of visits is escalating. To alleviate this, we have divided the practice into 5 “zone” areas (shown in the map below) and have assigned one day per week to each area.

Our zone visit scheme is a green, fuel and time efficient way of getting to our visits and by doing this, we pass on the savings to you!

On your zone day, a vet will be available in your area for ROUTINE WORK ONLY, for a small fee of £10 per visit. We have created some saving opportunities, that will reduce the visit cost fee, if multiple horses are booked in at the same yard.

If two clients from the same yard require a visit, the fee can be split in two, making the visit just £5.

Even better still, if 3 or more horses are seen at the same yard (they can belong to different owners), the zone visit will be FREE!

To book a zone visit, it is advisable to ring and book a minimum of 48 hours in advance, but preferably a week in advance.

To receive a visit, all services and drugs/treatments must be paid for at the time of booking the appointment or to the vet at the visit.  If you do not pay before or at the visit, you will be charged a £25 administration fee.

These visits are extremely popular and are frequently booked up far in advance, so please ring early to secure your appointment.

You will be advised by text message on the day prior to your visit of a one-hour time slot when the vet will visit. If you cancel your visit AFTER receiving your text message, you will be charged a visit fee to your area. Vets often have over 25 yards booked in order of location. Therefore, late cancellations cause problems for all the appointments booked and scheduled after your appointment, so please make every effort to inform us prior to allocation of times, whether you can attend.

As these days are extremely busy for the vets, we ask that you have your horse in and ready for the vet to examine. If you cannot attend the visit, then please make sure someone is available to hold the horse and has the horse’s passport to hand.

If you wish to request a specific vet or a specific time, a regular visit fee will apply.

The ONLY procedures and services that may be carried out on a zone visit are:

  • Vaccinations
  • Microchips
  • Passports
  • Blood tests for PPID/EMS
  • Prescription checks
  • Dental checks and routine rasping
  • Equine Health plan checks, including general clinical examination, vaccination, dental examination and blood testing
We are delighted to be able to offer our clients a new in-area re-examination fee.
It is frequently necessary after an injury, lameness or medical problem, for your horse to require a repeat examination. For example, assessing healing of a corneal ulcer, response to management of Equine Asthma, or lameness re-evaluation or bandage changes for wounds. From now on, you will be able to book these re-examinations for a reduced visit fee of £20 on your zone day.