Newnham Court Equine are BHS Vet REACT Colic Champions

Newnham Court Equine are one of 62 veterinary practices across the uk who have become Vet REACT Colic Champions, in a new scheme coordinated by The British Horse Society and The School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham. Here at NCE, we will be working closely with both organisations over the next year to share information and advice from the REACT colic campaign on how to recognise and react to signs of colic  as quickly as possible to give your horse the best chance of recovering.
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Equine Influenza Outbreaks

Moving forward from our post earlier in January on recent flu (Influenza) outbreaks, the Animal Health Trust has alerted us to recent outbreaks of Equine Influenza. Please see below the latest report from the Animal Health Trust on the most recent outbreaks. The BHA has cancelled British racing today (7th February 2019) due to more horses testing positive.

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It’s that time of year again when we offer competitively priced routine castrations at the clinic. We do this every year, and many people make full use of this service. Last year, we were overwhelmed with appointments, so this year, we have scheduled several dates over the Autumn to get your colts castrated at the clinic.
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Are you excited to start preparing for the next season? Do you want to ensure your horse is fit, well and ready to get out there? We have put together a Pre-Season Health assessment to give you peace of mind that your horse is ready and well.

New Staff

We are very pleased to welcome our new intern, Molly Scott, to the team. Molly studied at the Royal Veterinary College, during which time she completed several hospital externships, as well as seeing practice here at Newnham Court. She enjoys all aspects of equine work, but is particularly interested in internal medicine and ophthalmology. During her spare time she enjoys cycling, sailing and exploring with her labrador Ludo.

Molly Scott