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Upcoming gastroscopy clinics running throughout March 2019!
The only way to definitively diagnose equine gastric ulcers is by gastroscopy.
What is gastroscopy?
Gastroscopy is the diagnostic test that involves passing a flexible camera down the horse’s oesophagus and into the stomach. This allows us to see the inside of the horse’s stomach and look for any signs of ulcers.
 Horses are sedated to reduce anxiety and stress
 Takes around 15 – 20 minutes
 Not painful

What are the advantages of gastroscopy?
Gastroscopy is the only diagnostic test available that is definitive for equine gastric ulcers.

 Reliable and straightforward test
 Distinguish between squamous and glandular ulcers

It is important to distinguish between squamous and glandular ulcers as the recommended management and treatment is dependent on the location and severity of the ulcers.

Take advantage of our gastroscopy clinic offer!
During the month of March, we will be offering one week’s free treatment for any horse diagnosed with equine gastric ulcers following gastroscopy.

To book your horse in today please phone us on 01622 737884.

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Moving forward from our post earlier in January on recent flu (Influenza) outbreaks, the Animal Health Trust has alerted us to recent outbreaks of Equine Influenza. Please see below the latest report from the Animal Health Trust on the most recent outbreaks. The BHA has cancelled British racing today (7th February 2019) due to more horses testing positive.
Please follow this link to the latest on BBC Sport:
You can find more information on our website and on our Information sheets for owners:

Equine Influenza

Please check your horse’s vaccination status and ensure that they are up to date with their vaccinations. Whilst annual vaccination should protect the majority of horses, certain individuals at higher risk may benefit from additional boosters.
Please feel free to ring and discuss your horse’s risk with one of our vets. If you are concerned, or notice your horse has a cough, elevated temperature or nasal discharge, please ring and speak to one of our vets immediately.

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Are you excited to start preparing for the next season? Do you want to ensure your horse is fit, well and ready to get out there? We have put together a Pre-Season Health assessment to give you peace of mind that your horse is ready and well. This is at a vastly discounted rate of £150 (worth over £350). It includes a full health assessment, gastroscopy (including sedation) and dynamic orthopaedic assessment. It also includes a 10% discount off all supplements to keep your horse in tiptop condition. Ring the clinic on 01622 737884 to chat through this with a vet or book in your assessment with our reception team.

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New Staff

We are excited to announce the following additions to the Newnham Court Equine Team:

Alice Irons: Many of you will recognise Alice from our reception desk. She has now joined our nursing team, and is enjoying getting more hands on with our patients. Alice has a degree in Equine Management and Training, and has a gentle giant horse called Platinum.

Emma Crawford: Emma has been interested in horses since a young age, and competes successfully in British Dressage with her horse Cass. She is looking forward to meeting you all and building her veterinary knowledge.

Rebecca Goacher: Becky has taken on maternity cover for senior receptionist Lindsay, who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in early February (congratulations Lindsay!). Becky previously worked in HR, and has a coloured horse called Ginny, with whom she enjoys cross-country schooling and going to local shows.

Josh Eustace: Josh qualified from Edinburgh vet school, and worked in ambulatory practice near home in Wiltshire before joining us as an intern veterinary surgeon. Josh’s professional interests include dentistry, and emergency medicine. He is also interested in animal welfare, and has spent time working as a volunteer vet in Morocco.

Josh Eustace Equine Intern

Josh Eustace
Equine Intern

Becky Goacher Receptionist

Becky Goacher

Emma Crawford Receptionist

Emma Crawford

Alice Irons Equine Nursing Assistant

Alice Irons
Equine Nursing Assistant

New Staff

We are very pleased to welcome our new intern, Molly Scott, to the team. Molly studied at the Royal Veterinary College, during which time she completed several hospital externships, as well as seeing practice here at Newnham Court. She enjoys all aspects of equine work, but is particularly interested in internal medicine and ophthalmology. During her spare time she enjoys cycling, sailing and exploring with her labrador Ludo.

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Moving Yards- Strangles Blood Test Information 

If you are moving yards and have been asked to test your horse for Strangles prior to movement, please read this useful information on what to do and how to interpret results.

Testing for Strangles prior to moving to a new yard

Free ACTH laboratory fees

Free Cushing’s laboratory fees are back! Offer runs until the 31st October and applies to horses and ponies that have not previously been diagnosed with Cushings disease. Blood sampling and postage fees still apply and blood sampling can be booked in under our free zone visit scheme. To download your voucher code please visit

Dental Clinics 

This summer sees the launch of our weekly dental clinics.  Promoting the importance of routine dentistry, these clinics are run on Wednesday mornings at the hospital. The clinics provide a thorough dental examination with sedation, the use of a dental endoscope and dental mirrors and routine dental rasping. Price is £60 per horse/pony.

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Gastroscopy Clinic- OFFER ENDS 30TH JUNE

Following the success of last year’s gastroscopy clinic and to promote gastric ulcer awareness, we are offering twenty five £100 gastroscopy vouchers at the clinic, between now and the 30th June. Please ring our reception team on 01622 737884 to discuss whether your horse or pony qualifies for this offer.

 gastroscope VOUCHER

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Pet Plan Vet Awards 2016

We are incredibly proud at Newnham Court Equine Clinic today as three of our vets and one of our nurses have been nominated for Vet of the the Year and Vet Nurse of the Year at the Annual PetPlan Veterinary Awards. Congratulations to John Kenward, Peter Brown, Katie Snalune and Natasha Woodhouse, and thank you to all our clients that nominated us.

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BEVA AI Approved

A new breeding season is upon us, and we wanted to let you know that Newnham Court Equine Clinic has been approved by the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) to be entered on the Approved AI (artificial insemination) list for fresh, chilled and frozen semen. This list will be published in the early March Sports Breeding issue of Horse and Hound. All of our vets have attended AI courses and are extremely experienced in managing the mare. If you would like to discuss AI packages, please speak to Katie Snalune on 01622 737884 or email us at


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