Info Sheets

Please see our factsheets below on a range of common conditions and procedures that we see.  Hopefully these will answer any questions you might have but don’t hesitate to call us if you are worried or have any questions.


Anaesthesia    Choke    Equine Asthma   

Equine Grass Sickness    Equine Influenza    Equine Metabolic Syndrome   

Euthanasia    How to: Use an Inhaler    Laminitis   

Liver Disease    Managing a Disease Outbreak    Microchipping   

Mites & Lice    Passports    Poisonous Plants   

PPID (Equine Cushing's)    Pre-Purchase Examinations    Prescriptions   

Sarcoids    Strangles    Sweet Itch  

Sycamore Poisoning    Tetanus    Weight Management

Pregnant Mare Management    Foaling Checklist    Shockwave Treatment

Laser Treatment   Equine Herpes Virus    Worming




Video Guides

Below you can find our helpful video guides to common things you might encounter.  We will be adding to this space regularly.

Examining Your Horse    Poulticing    Wound Care