Strangles Awareness Week 2020

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Here you will find information on Strangles Awareness Week provided by Redwings. We are proud supporters of the Stamp Out Strangles campaign and urge you to take the pledge on the Redwings website. Should you have any questions or concerns about strangles, please contact the team at Newnham Court Equine Hospital.

Millie Tong



Meet Millie, a sweet little Thoroughbred mare that presented to us in November 2019 with a severe sand crack of the left fore foot. As seen in the photographs, Millie’s left fore foot was extremely overgrown and the sand crack was severe, making any form of exercise very difficult for her due to the instability of the hoof.

Vet Amber performed a detailed examination of Millie and obtained radiographs of both front feet, to allow further assessment of the severity of the overgrowth seen. The case was then referred to farrier Dan Stern and together a treatment plan was formulated. Millie required months of repeated visits from Dan Stern to debride the sand crack, and stabilise the hoof with specialist shoeing.

After months of hard work and dedication from all parties, we are pleased to say that Millie has made a full recovery and is on to bigger and better things. It just goes to show what can be accomplished when owners, vets and farriers work together as a team!

Emergency Information


During office hours, one of the reception team will always be available to help you.

Outside office hours, you will hear an answerphone message asking you to contact a pager service on:

07623 944669

When requesting an emergency visit, please provide the following details:

  • Owner’s surname
  • Horse’s name
  • Location of horse
  • Contact telelphone number
  • Nature of emergency

Please stay by the phone and one of our vets will call you back within 10 minutes. Please keep the line clear until we contact you.
Thank you